Expert Status

As a therapist I was identified as an “expert” in both family and trauma work by different agencies. I was referred to and sought out because of my clinical expertise. ⁣ 
Yet I was most effective in my work because I support all my clients to recognize their own EXPERT STATUS. ⁣ 
We all have the ability to know ourselves better than anyone else can know us. And this knowledge of ourselves partnered with acceptance rather than judgement is a potent recipe for peaceful change. ⁣ 
When we truly acknowledge our patterns in a curious way we give ourselves the space to make adjustments with much less effort. ⁣ 
Are you an Expert about yourself? Would you like to become one? ⁣ 
If you are currently a parent and / or preparing for an upcoming birth and you would like to know yourself better and engage in your life with greater Resilience – consider joining one of my groups. ⁣ 

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