Resilience is my passion. The process by which we people “move through” our varied and similar life experiences. Understanding of trauma and adverse events along with more than 15 years of work with people have supported a deep understanding of the impact our life experiences have on our mind, body and spirit. With this expertise comes high regard for our innate intelligence supporting my belief that we are all doing the very best we can.

Sometimes, the ways we choose to “move through” the harm in our lives creates additional challenge and may even be violating to ourselves and/or others. Through supported engagement with guilt while learning to release shame around these engagements and amplification of the choices we are making which are productive, those I am honored to work with find themselves feeling greater trust in their ability along with an increase in peaceful productivity.

The way that I teach about Resilience supports our ability to identify what we are already doing well so that we may engage in these actions more consciously and thus increase their impact. We Accept what is happening within and around us while identifying our Boundaries through review of our values, all the while deepening our Connection with ourselves and the world around us.

The beautiful relationships that I have fostered in my life support me to be accountable to myself and how I aspire to show up. My 3 children inspire me to grow and foster my own engagement with Resilience daily. This life is not handed to us, nor are we in complete control of what happens. The ABC’s of Resilience provide an easily adapted framework to support creation of the life that’s best for us and our community.

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For those conflicts that arise in which a neutral third party may support resolution


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