Meet Kelley
Meet Kelley

Not a Therapist 💜 Not a Coach
When I walked away from my decade long career as a therapist, I knew I was moving into something more in alignment with my purpose. A way to do what I’ve always done but in a more peacefully productive way. You are always the expert of you. And you are always the one who chooses how we spend our time. Don’t worry, I have plenty of options but you are the decider. The boss of our time. No diagnoses are given but if you come to me with them, I’m happy to help you explore yourself in relation to them.
So, not a coach or a therapist…
What am I?
💜Resilience Sage💜



For those conflicts that arise in which a neutral third party may support resolution


Individual, Family, Education, Business

Training and Workshops

ABC’s of Resilience: This training may be expanded / contracted and applied to all settings and groups.


Organizations, businesses, schools, keynotes, conferences.

Free Offerings

ABC’s of Resilience