Happiness comes in at a tiptoe. It doesn’t land in your lap all at once.


Kelley is a person of passion. She does not fit squarely into any box and yet is able to meet people in many of them. More than 15 years of working with people, primarily through roles in community mental health, has supported a strong foundation of respect for people and the resilience we all possess.

Becoming a mother was an incredible journey which transformed Kelley’s life from a working professional to a mother of 3 in just over a years time. Having twins only a year after having her first required focus and nearly singular focus on parenting to support her kiddos development through their infancy and toddlerhood.

Kelley has much experience supporting parents and partners, with relationships being a primary focus of her work for its majority. Connection with ourselves and those around us is paramount to experiencing the beauty of our lives rather than spending our mind’s energy pre-occupied with relationship challenges.

The year after the birth of Kelley’s twins was spent focused on healing from a traumatic birth experience and leaning into understanding her own engagement with resilience as she supported her 3 young children to thrive. During nap time one day, Kelley wrote the ABC’s of Resilience.

Acceptance supports our ability to release resistance around what we cannot or will not change at any current time. Entertaining frustration around what IS keeps us stuck and prevents energy investment in what may be adjusted.

Boundaries are how we choose to navigate the less than ideal aspects of our lives in more productive ways. Boundaries foster trust in ourselves and lead to increases in empowerment and self efficacy. Boundaries are rooted in our values and support movement.

Connection amplifies the ease with which we engage with one another. When we are in connection with ourselves and those around us, we move through life with greater ease. Collaboration is an essential part of education and without connection, we struggle to be productive.

Since the inception of the ABC’s of Resilience, Kelley has facilitated a number of trainings and seminars, worked with individuals and families along with facilitating groups utilizing the ABC’s as a framework for amplifying Resilience. The most productive aspect of the ABC’s is how they support our recognition of what we are already doing that works for us. We reduce our engagements that are less than productive through consciously increasing what is helpful for us.

Kelley is passionate about fostering Resilience in her own life and the lives of those around her. Will you join Kelley to increase Resilience in your life, family and community?

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