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Not a Therapist 💜 Not a Coach

When I walked away from my decade long career as a therapist, I knew I was moving into something more in alignment with my purpose. A way to do what I’ve always done in a more peacefully productive way.

Coaching is an industry I have engaged with for around 6 years.

And continue to be connected with lots of coaches and therapists who do good work.

So, why not me?

Both the mental health and the coaching industries have an expected power differential. Expert and lay person. Teacher and student. Top – Down.

As a therapist I spent lots of energy supporting my clients to experience and embrace their own power and relinquish the viewership of “expert” to anyone outside themselves.

But how undermining that I teach this and then a client comes to their session with an agenda and we need to update their treatment plan or a number of other logistical requirements of the industry and that must be accommodated…

Another reason I choose not to associate myself with either industry is because they’ve both been infiltrated with people who have a huge desire to help others while they ignore their shit and numb.

I know, I was actively one of them. And I meant well, but am now able to live and work more authentically. This benefits everyone around me and especially my clients.

I‘ve been licensed in 3 states across 3 regions of the US. Worked in community mental health more than full time in all places. And loved many aspects of my work. But it perpetuated this separation. There’s an expectation for perfection. So there was always a barrier between true, authentic connection.

When I found out I was pregnant with my twins and my oldest was only 7 months, I walked away. I was a “regional program supervisor” and had an ideal structure to my week for the industry. But, I allowed my license to expire in good standing and trusted that my path would unfold. And it has.

You see… the most productive parts of my work with clients were never clinical. They’re not about identifying what’s “wrong” with you. We spend our time understanding your Resilience (how you move through the -ish of your life) and how you may further amplify your Resilience.

Learning to explore curiously, leaving judgement and shame behind. I teach skills in a way that match your natural inclinations. And we laugh. Because connection and fun are essential to learning and change.

You are always the expert of you. And you are always the one who chooses how we spend our time. Don’t worry, I have plenty of options but you are the decider. The boss of our time. No diagnoses are given but if you come to me with them, I’m happy to help you explore yourself in relation to them.

So, not a coach or a therapist…

What am I?

💜Resilience Sage💜

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