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Kelley is a phenomenal soul, and wonderful at what she does. She’s given me so many tools to help with tension & anxiety as it relates to motherhood and parenting. I highly recommend her! Being a Birth Doula, I find her to be a great source of support for expectant mothers during the childbearing year.

I had to process our session earlier because it was all so amazing!! I was put back in the place of power

The (guided) meditation was amazing.

After one of Kelley’s groups I still hear her during tough situations and I’ve been able to take far better approaches to them  In turn my stress levels have been able to come down faster.  I think about or process situations a little differently now where I feel like I can step back and see them a little clearer than I’ve been able to before and make better decisions with my responses rather than just reacting and making things far worse! 

I have been able to make myself more present for my son and our bond has become even greater. I’ve learned ways to help manage some of my traumas and triggers and recollect myself and so so much more! Seriously ladies, I can’t tell anyone enough how amazing her group was for me, and the others in it too! We all connected, far different stories yet we all said ditto or me too! Every session. It’s a chance to vent to people who actually understand every aspect of where your coming from! And gain some perception from outside sources while also gaining the tools to help yourself stand a little taller no matter your struggles. I could keep going, we all need a little support sometimes, it’s why where all here in mom groups to begin with. But sometimes we need  a little stronger lift up from where we’re at, and that’s where Kelley’s group comes in. I wish I still had those ladies with me in our chat every Tuesday night. 

Kelley is truly amazing!!! She has so much wisdom and experience and she flows so naturally in the groups. As a mom of 3 and one on the way( 32 weeks pregnant) life can become hectic and stressful. I have learned so much from Kelley. All of the tools and resources are things I could put into immediate practice. I have dealt with some form of anxiety and unworthiness my whole life and something just clicked in our group. I found my inner voice and I decided to focus on what is true and right for me and that my needs are important and valid. I love that Kelley helped me to see how incredibly resilient I am and she helped to build my confidence, while helping me to overcome my anxiety and fears.

I’m so thankful Kelley started this group, she has too much knowledge to not share it! If I’m being completely honest, I hesitated joining, telling myself this was big commitment, every week for 8 weeks..but Kelley helped me to see that I’m worth putting myself first (and if something comes up, she just rolls with it). I’m so grateful for this group and all that I learned. I have gained so much knowledge, I am a more resilient mom and I have been purposeful about how I spend my time and with who. I learned a lot about myself and Kelley and the gals in the group brought me perspective and insight I was missing. Don’t hesitate, do this for yourself! You will not be disappointed. Thank you again Kelley

Let’s build something together.

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