3 Aspects of Resilience 

Developmentally rooted in neuroscience, clinical experience, and conscious engagement in relationship and life.  

Because I’ve been developing and sharing my knowledge about Resilience and how we people engage relationally for more than 10 years I am able to support communication with each audience in a way that is both relate-able and applicable.

Primary Outcomes: Decrease in Tension, Increase in Joy, & Peaceful Productivity.


ABC’s of Resilience: This training may be expanded and contracted and applied to all settings and groups sizes and types


Resilience in Education
Resilience in Special Education
Balancing Attention and Support


Thriving Midwifery
Postpartum Resilience
Amplifying Birth Resilience


Outdoor Business Resilience
Mentally Preparing for Business Ownership
Productive Collaboration: Employees, Customers, Vendors, Community
Cultural Connection: LGBTQAI+

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Working with people individually to explore their own resilience and how they may more productively move through challenges and enhance their lives.


Working with families to amplify their resilience as a group – sessions vary in constellation based upon what’s most productive at any given time but generally involve more than 1 family member in each session. All family constellations honored and respected.


Consultation for schools and educational institutions to support interpersonal and staff resilience. Consultations will focus on amplifying the resilience of individuals and groups within the organization. Interactions are tailored to each individual and group to support peaceful productivity.


Business consultation entails review of current strengths and challenges along with strategy sessions with varying participants about how to reduce / eliminate challenges to productivity while enhancing strengths.



For those conflicts that arise in which a neutral third party may support resolution.

Specialized Areas

Family Interaction Challenges of all natures
Educational Conflict
Organizational Conflict: People management


Individual participants will interview
Mutually agreed upon agenda for mediation
All invested parties are invited to attend
Collective virtual meeting to support resolution and compromise.
Emphasis on productive and respectful communication that ensures all parties are heard and perspective considered.

Let’s foster resilience together.

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