Postpartum Resilience

The girl in this picture was unaware that in less than 24 hours her life would be completely different. That she would be opened by motherhood in a way she’d never allowed before. And it would hurt. And the next 2 years would be the most difficult, anxiety ridden and traumatic of her life to date. They would also be the most beautiful.

How could she not know this? She’d spent over a decade working with children and families.

Because sometimes learning requires direct experience.

What I would do differently is to set up a better support system for postpartum. To have communicated my needs directly and openly. To accept my limitations and give myself permission to be cared for as I was working hard to care for the new little lives I created.

Motherhood is teaching me to accept the love and support offered with gratitude rather than shame. When I am better supported, so are my kiddos.

The biggest shock of motherhood? Loneliness. I’ve never been more lonely in my life as I’ve been since becoming a mother.

Our society makes parenthood isolating. We have to work against the structures to create communities around ourselves and kiddos.

My solution?


Starting the second week in January.

We will learn to foster Resilience in connection with others who are currently postpartum as well. Community. Trust. Power. You will increase all 3 by choosing to participate in this group.

Details available under Offerings

*This photo was taken the day before I gave birth with my first. Brigit was over 9 lbs at birth but I gained over 70lbs with this pregnancy.

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