Parenting is the Hardest

This picture represents how parenting feels sometimes… 😰⁣

You know that moment when parenting throws you a curveball you didn’t see coming? When you find yourself unsure of how to move forward? That WTF moment? ⁣

I recently supported the parents of a 13 year old young man through an URGENT COUNCIL call. Parents were concerned about their son’s sexting and the sexual nature of communication with several of his classmates. ⁣

We spent our time:⁣
👉Processing through recent events to ensure accurate understanding of concerns as well as values and family dynamics. ⁣
👉Determining what exactly their boundaries around this behavior are. ⁣
👉Developed a plan of action to address this behavior in a way that aligns with their values and creates the least amount of conflict while leaving space for connection. ⁣
👉Decided on timing to support reduction in conflict taking into consideration many family dynamics. ⁣
👉Supported parents to remember their strengths and resources. ⁣

Result? The parents shared that they felt much more powerful and less anxious about supporting their son to move through these issues. ⁣

In short, they were reminded of their own Resilience. ⁣

Have you ever wished you had someone to call who would just “get it”? Who won’t judge either what is going on or how you’ve attempted to resolve it thus far. Someone who is capable of understanding the nuance of family interaction with minimal information because of years of supporting families just like yours. Someone who has also worked within the mental health, education and public service agencies for years. ⁣

This is not counseling. This is a conversation to support your understanding of options, reflect on the productivity of each option and a reminder of your own strengths and resources. Sometimes these conversations are time sensitive which is why I have both URGENT COUNSEL and BRIEF COUNSEL offerings. ⁣

Visit my website and complete the form to apply. I would be happy to support you in remembering Your Resilience. ⁣⁣

Special From now until Dec 6th, 2019⁣



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