Out of a Job

My goal is always to work myself out of a job.

How many other people that you may engage with professionally will say that to you?

You are the leader and holder of all the power in our relationship. Because that is true for every relationship in your life.

My job is to hold up a mirror so that you see your own beauty and the obstacles that are shadowing your shine.

While you already possess the skills for resilience, they may be blocked by any number of things. I have the ability to help you understand for yourself what is between you and the life you want.

But once we claim our power, we must also accept responsibility for our lives. Our choices matter. Daily habits matter. Unlike most people you will engage with, I’m not going to give you a script, plan or outline to follow. The 3 Aspects of Resilience simply point us back to ourselves and our own innate wisdom about what is true and right for us.

Are you tired of feeling stuck?

Are you ready to accept your worth and responsibility for yourself?

Life is within you and ready to be loved.

Making the choice to continue doing what you did yesterday is still a choice, even if it is unconscious. We often put effort into numbing ourselves to the ways our life isn’t working for us rather than putting effort into making the adjustments that are best for us.

Why? Change is scary. We don’t want to disappoint or inconvenience anyone else in our life with our need. We work hard to avoid feeling vulnerable.

Are you done living life feeling stuck?

Come join me.

I’m ready when you are.


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