Comparison Eliminates Joy

This is my face when I get some lovely mom time. Since becoming a parent I’m finding it more and more important to connect with others in similar life stages. The ladies I had the pleasure of having lunch with are all amazing and are doing their absolute best to raise conscious children. And yet there were moments when each of these ladies made a comparison which I saw deflate them. ⁣

Our society breeds comparison and judgement, especially between parents. I’ve seen many more “don’t judge me” requests from mom posts than any other genre. Why? ⁣

Because we are all questioning ourselves and how we’re doing with our little(s). And this is a good thing. To evaluate our interactions. But when we do this with curiosity rather than judgement, we allow space for quickly responsive change rather than to remain stuck, justifying why we made whatever choice we did. ⁣

Children change constantly. And all are a little different. As parents the worst choice we can make is to continue making the same one after our kiddo has communicated that it doesn’t work for them. ⁣

We will all make mistakes. And this is good. Mistakes provide information we can use to choose again. We are not stuck and we are the best possible supporters for our children as we know them better than anyone else.⁣

So, let’s support one another in this parenthood journey. Just because you wouldn’t make the same choice for your little does not mean it’s the wrong choice for that parent and their little. ⁣

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Much Love,⁣


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