Sexuality After Motherhood


Let’s dialogue about SEXUALITY AFTER MOTHERHOOD. No experience or perspective is wrong as long as we are true to what feels right for us. ⁣

My post partum sexual inclinations were different from many women who have shared with me about theirs. And if I hadn’t known the stories of many other women I may have shamed myself out of some truly beautiful experiences. ⁣

The key is to know what is okay for us and to communicate clearly with ourselves and partner. I’ve found so much freedom of expression in life after becoming a mother. Gratitude and appreciation abound for the patience and grace shown to me during my post partum period. ⁣

What was / is your experience like? How is your partner responding to the new demands of motherhood and sharing you? What is your relationship like with yourself? Have you explored the new you since birthing your baby? ⁣

I found getting to know myself again sexually to be an essential part of integrating my pre and post motherhood selves. ⁣

Much Love

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