I’m not a B*tch. I just wasn’t getting my needs met

“I’m not a B*tch. I just wasn’t getting my needs met.”⁣

My friend and member of one of my upcoming groups said this during a conversation recently. And I could relate. 💯 You? ⁣

As parents we are not as able to just pull ourselves up and handle what’s in front of us by ourselves. Of course we will meet the needs of our kiddos but that comes at a price when we don’t have (or accept) the love and support we all need. ⁣

Love and support look so very different for each family and no way is wrong. What often happens, however is that we get caught in this cycle of trying to do everything ourselves, becoming overwhelmed and then beating ourselves up for not achieving our unrealistic goals. Sound familiar? Me too… ⁣

Being aware of what’s happening in our lives, understanding and communicating what we need while connecting with our loves has brought much peace to my life and the lives of MANY others throughout the years. The amazing thing is, we are often doing many of the best things for ourselves but making small adjustments will create big changes when done consciously. ⁣

Are you ready to build on the good you’re already doing to create the life you want? ⁣

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