ABC’s of Resilience in Practice

ABC’s of RESILIENCE in practice⁣⁣
The following (with the exception of text in parentheses) I just finished texting to my amazing SIL. Because, you know 🤷🏼‍♀️ she gets it. ⁣⁣
Today has been a day… as I get closer to putting my work out in the world I keep being presented with opportunities to practice what I preach… ⁣⁣
I definitely got whatever yuck is around. Brigit too. Definitively not as bad as last year but we have been grumpy. None of the kids napped this morning but I was determined to get an elderberry syrup made so I could add that to our current regimen. Hannibal has been doing this horrible banshee scream. He’s totally happy and the scream is happy it’s just so high pitched my sinuses ache. Brigit has been testing all the limits, because she doesn’t feel good but, ugh. Lou has been an angel and super patient which makes me feel guilty for not giving her enough attention because the other two are such squeaky wheels. ⁣⁣
(Awareness of what was happening with Acceptance of what it was and how I was feeling)⁣⁣
Okay. ⁣⁣
Aaaand, I got my chores done in between putting the kiddos down for naps instead of during their nap and have been sitting AND eating for the last half hour. I took my Elderberry syrup and other goodies. ⁣⁣
(Boundaries – what is okay for me and not okay. I needed to get certain things done and the kiddos just didn’t get my undivided as much as I prefer. They were safe and happily occupied. I was productive.)⁣⁣
Even watching a nerdy Netflix show. Starting to feel like myself again and am almost starting to look forward to the babies waking up. Almost.⁣⁣
(Connection – I needed to Connect with myself again. Anyone else relate? Just miss yourself sometimes?) ⁣

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